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Enjoying technology

At VBH we have a passion for superyachts and technology. We believe that aligning technology with the required lifestyle is the best way to achieve results.


At the forefront

VBH has been active in yacht audio systems since its establishment back in 1985. Since then we’ve been at the forefront of both audiovisual and information technology for luxury yachts, and assessed, recommended and installed some of the finest and most advanced systems in the market.


Long trackrecord

We maintain a world-class team of experts at our disposal in order to deliver outstanding results. Today, we are proud to have worked on more yachts than any other company in the industry, with a total of over 300 successfully delivered projects (both refits & new builds) currently under our belt.


Worldwide support

Whether you’re sailing in the Meditarrenean, the Caribbean or Northwestern Europe, you can count on one of our teams being nearby. To ensure you the same VBH quality wherever you are, our worldwide offices share the same people, philosophy and dedication to help you enjoy your yacht to the max.

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