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VBH has been integrating luxury technology on superyachts for over 50 years
New build

Seven golden keys

The focus at VBH is on giving clients total peace of mind by taking care of the design, detailed engineering, installation, commissioning and service of complete systems.

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Alignment and hassle-free tuning of all systems

Warranty claims are simplified by all going through the same company.

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Fast help around the globe

We are here wherever and whenever you need support.

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Partnerships with designers

Through our Design Integration concept, we collaborate with designers and merge high technology with superb design.

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Learning and innovation

You can trust VBH with new solutions to lower complexity, add functionality, increase quality, boost robustness, reduce maintenance and facilitate service.

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Scalability to handle larger projects

And ability to quickly expand the capacity available to a project.

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The most experienced in the market

Extensive knowledge, financial stability, large number of recurring clients, long track record.

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In-house software development

Hardware and software working together smoothly with possibilities for customisation

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