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MSA - Master Service Agreement

It's not just a service contract; it's a commitment to uninterrupted performance and excellence.

Fact #1: Stats show a 77% decrease in unexpected issues with MSA, ensuring a smoother, more reliable onboard experience.

Fact #2: The cost-benefit of our MSA is clear. This reduction in unexpected issues directly translates to equivalent cost savings. Our MSA not only enhances the performance of any yacht's systems but also offers a more cost-effective solution compared to non-MSA services.

Fact #3: Regular maintenance under MSA means we can often anticipate and rectify issues before they impact the onboard experience, while yachts without MSA could lead to owners and guests discovering problems firsthand and disrupting their onboard tranquility.

Central to our MSA is the partnership ethos

Our team collaborates closely with your onboard crew, fostering an environment of transparency, responsiveness, and optimization. By choosing VBH’s MSA, you are not just selecting a service provider; you are engaging in a partnership dedicated to the seamless performance of your yacht’s technology.

Contact us today to discuss how you would benefit from such services and with MSA tailored for your yacht’s needs.

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