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VBH thrives on fulfilling client dreams.

 While every client is different, they all like to enjoy the latest innovations and finest products. We maintain a world-class team of experts at our disposal in order to deliver outstanding results. 

Management Team
Jeroen van den Hurk CEO - Chief Executive Officer
Eric Nooijen CFO - Chief Financial Officer
Nico van Leeuwen Director Sales & Marketing
Brian Faerber Director Service & Refits
Laurens Hoekstra Director Technology & Engineering
Kees Groen Director Operations

Sales & Marketing
Nico van Leeuwen Director Sales & Marketing
Friso van de Nes Sales Manager
Roel Akerboom Sales Manager
Goran Antonijevic Business Development Manager
Sander van Gaal Team Leader Sales Engineering
Casper Kleiman Product Marketing Manager
Marieke Mantje Brand & PR Manager

Kees Groen Director Operations
Robert Brugman Program Manager
Wilco Vink Team Leader Installations
Ronald van der Meulen Project Manager
Bob Rijper Project Manager
Sophia Sellschopp Project Manager
Sytse Kamminga Project Manager
Ferdi Pastijn Project Manager
Jan Roedolf Project Manager
Tim de Nieuwe Project Manager
Tessa Kalkhoven Project Manager
Edwin van Leeuwen Project Manager
Rob Pannekoek Site Manager
Edwin Bruinse Site Manager
Michael Hokken Site Manager
Stephan de Visser Site Manager
Robert-Jan Beerthuizen Site Manager
Maurice Janssen Site Manager
Daniel Doppert Site Manager
Jhonny Rens Workshop Supervisor

Refit & Service
Brian Faerber Director Service & Refits
Maurice van der Veld Team Leader Refits
Rogier Jacobsen Project Manager Refits
Martin Brandjes Project Manager Refits
Wouter Jansen Team Leader Service
Inka Bohmer Team Leader Content & Connectivity
Paul Portegies Service Coördinator
Dennis Meijvogel Service Coördinator

Technology & Engineering
Laurens Hoekstra Director Technology & Engineering
Udo Bakker Team Leader Programming
Jacob de Jong Team Leader - Information Technology
Ernst Kroeze Team Leader Security
Remi-Christiaan Cool Solutions Development Manager
Xavier Gruselle Technical Program Manager

Purchasing & Office
Eric Nooijen CFO - Chief Financial Officer
Jesse Mulder Teamleader Finance & Control
Géraldine Grünberg-Otto Legal Counsel
Gudo van der Werff HR Manager
Iris Diepens HR Business Partner
Frank de Freitas Rodrigues Application Manager
Irena van Klaveren Manager Purchasing & Logistics
Davy Revers Supervisor Warehouse & Logistics

VBH France
Reinier Beerlage Director VBH France
Ralf Jansen Service Coördinator
Pieter De Brabanter Sales Manager
Mahmoud Gamil Service Coördinator
Anne Perdraut Service Coördinator

Michael Silverman Director VBH USA
Mike McCarthy Service Coördinator
Mike Avery Manager Operations
Alvin Rotteveel IT support Manager
David Akom Residential Sales Manager
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