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Privacy and safety are essential to enjoy your on board time. VBH offers both data and physical security systems to ensure that your freedom remains undisturbed.

Are your defenses ready?

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly common and criminals have superyachts squarely in their crosshairs...


Before a cyberattack

Atlas & VBH can help you preemptively defend yourself from cyber threats by implementing cutting-edge technologies that keep criminals out.


During a cyberattack

It is not a matter of if but when your superyacht will be faced with a cyberattack. Atlas’s operators are standing by ready to repel any and all attackers.


After a cyberattack

Your response to a cyberattack can be the difference between a nuisance and a complete overhaul of your onboard systems. Atlas can provide remote support anytime to help.

We stand ready to translate your wishes into reality

- from a standalone system to large, complex high-security solutions -

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