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A New Refit Era: Embracing Pitstops as the Evolution of Yacht Refits

Jeroen van den Hurk Jeroen van den Hurk

A Personal Invitation to Our Suppliers and Partners

This new era of yacht refitting calls for collaboration and collective advancement. I extend a heartfelt invitation to our suppliers, partners, and the yachting community to join us in embracing the Pitstop model. This initiative is more than an evolution of services; it's a shared vision for the future, offering a path to continuous innovation tailored to the unique rhythms and requirements of each yacht.

The Pitstop concept represents a 'win-win-win' for owners, guests, management companies, and the crew, optimizing operational time, budget, and system performance for an unparalleled onboard experience. As we launch this service officially, I am excited about the journey ahead and the endless possibilities it brings for enhancing the luxury yachting experience.

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