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Press Release: Alchimia for Yachts

Press Release

VBH Unveils Alchimia for Yachts at MYS: A New Dimension in Interior Design

Amsterdam, September 19, 2023 – Van Berge Henegouwen (VBH) proudly introduces Alchimia for Yachts, a pioneering concept that seamlessly integrates technology into the heart of creative design. As anticipation builds ahead of the Monaco Yacht Show, Alchimia promises to redefine the landscape of yacht aesthetics and functionality.

Traditionally, the design of superyachts has been a delicate balancing act between aesthetics and technology. The incorporation of devices such as displays, speakers, and user interfaces though necessary, has often disrupted the visual harmony of these exceptional interiors. Alchimia by VBH is poised to change this narrative with its innovative 'Design Integration' approach.

VBH's Alchimia signals a transformative shift in yacht design, where technology ceases to be an interruption but becomes an intrinsic aspect that elevates and enriches the overall design. Instead, designers now embark on a collaborative journey with VBH, viewing technology as an integral facet of their creative expression. Integration becomes seamless, transforming technology into a design element in itself, an enhancement rather than an afterthought.

Furthermore, this ground-breaking approach disrupts the traditional model of 'specifications, standardization, and supplier benchmarking', a cycle that often suppresses innovation. While these have been the foundation blocks of Yacht building and refitting processes in the past, they have led to stagnation, stifling creativity and innovation in the name of cost efficiency. Alchimia, however, endeavors the shift from price-driven decisions to value-driven ones.

 “In the world of yachting, where clients seek the highest level of elegance and perfection, settling for 'standard' is not an option. “ says Jeroen van den Hurk, CEO of VBH. “Today,  Alchimia makes technology an integral part of the creative design stage, liberating us from the limitations of standardization and opening doors to an era of invention and pioneering design!”.

The name "Alchimia" finds its roots in VBH's transformative journey. In 2022, inspired by their clients' lifestyles and experiences, VBH redefined interior design by merging it with pioneering technology. This fusion gave birth to Alchimia, a revolutionary line of products that takes common design elements and elevates them to something truly valuable, reflecting the alchemist's philosophy of turning base metals into gold.

The Monaco Yacht Show will serve as the platform for Alchimia's debut in the yachting industry. VBH will present some Alchimia elements of design, and will collaborate with the MYS to showcase an Immersive Experience, featuring yacht design projects integrating Alchimia. As an integral part of the Yacht Design & Innovation Hub, this immersive journey will offer visitors a glimpse of the future of yacht design, where technology and aesthetics come together to create extraordinary experiences.

About VBH

Dedicated to integrating luxury technology onboard superyachts for more than half a century, VBH has built an impressive portfolio of 300+ superyachts benefitting from its expertise.

In 2022, VBH introduced the concept of design integration, seamlessly merging technology into exceptional design. With Alchimia, VBH redefines the possibilities of integrating advanced systems in luxury environments. By collaborating closely with renowned designers, VBH ensures a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality, enhancing the overall lifestyle experience. Through its visionary approach, VBH continues to shape the future of design integration in the yachting industry.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, VBH also has offices in Antibes, France, Bredenbek, Germany and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Press Contact:

Juliette Warter

+33 675 192 836

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