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Development to the max

Blog: Development to the max

19 February 2020
Udo Bakker Udo Bakker

by System Architect Udo Bakker

Innovations make our hearts beat faster at VBH. From helping an ETO perform maintenance to making life easy for guests accessing the onboard entertainment, our ultimate goal is to ensure clients seamlessly enjoy all systems. It is also crucial that the installation is carried out quickly and efficiently during a new build or refit, saving time for all parties, including the yards.

With over 25 years of experience in the yachting industry, I now head up the VBH programming team as system architect. My team and I have developed a unique programming approach called Framework, which allows multiple programmers to work on multiple yachts and removes the dependency on one particular programmer. A framework is a platform for developing software applications and provides a foundation on which software developers can build programs for a specific platform.

Framework 4

VBH developed Framework 4 in collaboration with Crestron and has implemented it at the highest possible level in terms of programming language: C # Pro. By using the native language C# & S#-Pro for Crestron processors, we are able to make systems scalable and flexible without ever compromising on efficiency or robustness for end users.

The VBH framework is a fine example of our standardisation strategy, one which enables us to deliver the most complex yachts within the challenging lead times that are typical in today’s industry. By constantly implementing new functionalities and the latest AV products within Framework, we stay constantly up to speed with client demands. 

The product of more than four years of development, we are proud of Framework 4 and the benefits it offers clients by being:

Scalable: for small to big projects, series or custom builds, Framework 4 adapts to the project at hand

Flexible: many of the products used today are already implemented and part of Framework

Efficient: C# and S# is what the Crestron system uses under the hood

Customisable: our UX specialists will develop a bespoke GUI if our standard version does not meet end-user demands

Tested: modules and software are constantly tested in a project environment by reusing our code and software package.

Together with my team we work across the world on new builds, refits and service activities. The regular Framework has been applied on 30 superyachts and Framework 4 is already running on another eight. One of our biggest successes was to reprogram an entire refit yacht three times faster than normal using the flexibility of Framework. The owner thought the entire system had been replaced!

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