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12 October 2020

In September 2020 VBH redelivered the newly extended, 74.5-metre Amels superyacht Lady E together with the crew and the technical team at Pendennis Shipyard in Falmouth. Captain Charles Dugash-Standish reflects on the refit and some of the special challenges involved in this major project.   

For me as a captain the most important point in a refit process is to future-proof the yacht, make her more guest-friendly and offer a full entertainment service. Lady E is a charter-vessel, which means she must be attractive for a large audience. All our activities have revolved around achieving the best possible result for the owners and charter guests alike.

Versatile entertainment
In the refit design process we set out to create several different entertainment areas. Many improvements were completed to modernise the yacht, from the six-metre extension and completely new looks to the delivery of some very cool features. VBH upgraded the entire backbone design with new fibre and network cabling that will cooperate with new technologies in the future.

A great deal of thought has been given to optimising the pleasures of the al fresco life on the ‘new’ Lady E, including an entire extra area in which to enjoy the sun and shade. We have added a state-of-the-art beach club with a full bar, all made all the more attractive by a powerful audio setup and large OLED display. Meanwhile, the aft decks are another great location for a party with their VOID Club speaker system.

Lady E’s interior also has much to offer on the entertainment side. The main lounge, for example, has an immersive theatre experience with Bower & Wilkins diamond series speakers and a Sony 77-inch OLED TV. Connectivity is key. With a Cisco professional IT network and high-end Crestron Audio/Video distribution, our guests need never miss their favourite movies or sports.

Michael Meeneghan, Charles Dugash-Standish & Richard Jones in front of the Lady E

Expert understanding
The key points when selecting partners for a project like this are the knowledge and expertise they have in-house. Crucially, they also need to understand the very specific requirements of the refit process. We opted for Pendennis as the shipyard based upon their fine reputation and ability to work at a high quality standard. And when it came to choosing our co-makers, factors such as trust and flexibility were also paramount.

The decision to work with VBH was therefore an easy one based on the company’s reputation, long track record and understanding of the market. We knew they had successfully completed many refit projects and were highly experienced in what they do. Crucially, VBH understands new builds as well as refit projects for superyachts and has a great deal of knowledge about technology.

Forward thinking
Michael Meeneghan (Project Manager Refits at VBH) and his team demonstrated their ability to tackle the challenge of a project like this. They were always forward-thinking and brought a lot of professionalism to the table during the process. The VBH technicians also worked hard and independently, exactly as I expected, and cooperated very well with the yacht crew as well as with the yard.

On Lady E, VBH has once again proven that it has the in-house expertise and service to deliver on a major refit project and ensure the satisfaction of all parties involved.

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