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Feeling at home around the globe

08 July 2020
Fort Lauderdale
Michael Silverman Michael Silverman

Blog by Michael Silverman, Director VBH USA

The feeling of being at home – whether on a yacht or in a house or holiday residence – is increasingly recognised as a big part of comfort, as also seen in the increasing popularity of the term. After all, wherever we are, we always want to feel at home. That can mean being able to surround oneself with friends and family or having systems that provide the same quality and ease of use anywhere in the world.

Wherever you find yourself, it is natural to wish to have access to lots of entertainment options. At VBH, we know that a state-of-the-art AV and IT system, quality content, high connectivity, good lighting and high-level security are all key elements of the big picture, and we’re dedicated to ensuring our clients enjoy the most compelling experience possible.

We want you to feel equally at home in Mauritius, Monaco, Montenegro or Miami. That includes being able to throw an awesome onboard party, watch your favourite sports on a home cinema screen or relax in your private spa with the finest music system available. We also know that the best experience comes not just from excellent systems but from quality connections and first-rate ease of operation. For one thing, you need good internet everywhere – your content should be available in every room of your house or boat – so you may require the best satellite connections.

Outdoor technology

The availability of high-tech solutions and access to the latest products are crucial to establishing a home feeling no matter where you are. VBH fields only the most skilled professionals in the integration and maintenance of high-end technology for yachts, and our specialists always know how to find the best products.

With more than half of a century of experience, we understand the importance of satisfying and exceeding client expectations. We know that owners and crews are constantly searching for ways to keep their superyachts and residences up to date in a world of rapidly changing technology – so we offer an evolving portfolio of new systems, services and upgrades.

Last year, we received many requests from customers who were so satisfied with our systems on their superyachts that they requested VBH expertise for their onshore houses. An example is the 321 residential project at Water’s Edge in Fort Lauderdale, which offers exclusive amenities and a seamless luxury lifestyle.

All the same options may not be available everywhere in the world, so it is important to really know who can offer what you need in your area. We have been in this business long enough to know exactly how to help you find the option that best fits your lifestyle, sailing areas and budget. Contact our team of skilled professionals for personalised advice.

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