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How to stay connected while disconnected

08 July 2020
Jeroen van den Hurk Jeroen van den Hurk

Blog by Jeroen van den Hurk, CEO VBH

In less than six months, the coronavirus has transformed our world as we have learned to protect ourselves and the people around us from this deadly virus. The fact that things are unlikely to return to the way they were post-Covid-19 is already being seen on a global level. One of the major trends is the changes in behaviour caused by people being forced to cocoon. The way we enjoy our time at home or onboard has become even more crucial, we have to arrange more things ourselves and keep a keen lookout for any external factors that might be a threat. Our social and business networks have become more important than ever.

Endless range of protection

Privacy and safety are essential requirements if you are to enjoy your time on a yacht. Modern safety and security technology have become very complex, as is reflected in the seemingly endless range of products. The skilled professionals at VBH are used to dealing with ‘viruses’ on different levels. In the superyacht industry it is relatively common to protect crew and guests from all kind of threats via cybersecurity, the physical security of camera systems, onboarding procedures and anti-spy systems. We make sure that our clients feel at home with a system that is scalable and lightens the workload of the ETO/security officer as much as possible.

Quality time onboard or at home

At VBH we see that many of our customers are currently spending long periods of time at home or on their yacht. This has translated into an increasing number of requests for entertainment systems on yachts and in residential projects. There has been a significant increase in the installation of home cinema solutions over recent months, for example.

A yacht provides our customers with wonderful opportunities to enjoy quality time with their loved ones. We are proud of our large portfolio of innovative products and the fact that we have the solutions and skills in house to support our clients worldwide. Together with our wide network of suppliers VBH delivers the best products.

Not all companies can provide this level of service so it’s is important to really know who you are dealing with. At VBH we’ve been in this business long enough to know exactly how to help you find the option that best fits your lifestyle, sailing areas and budget.


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